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Our Wander Life: Lifestyle • Travel • Photography for the Wandering Soul

Victoria McGovern: photographer, stylist, creative consultant, based in Richmond, Virginia. Working with small businesses, creatives & kindred spirits: helping them tell their stories and reach their goals. 



— Our Wander Life —

Lifestyle • Travel • Photography for the Wandering Soul

Our Wander Life consists of Vic & Brad: a young couple wandering life and chasing their dreams together. Dreams that some may not fully understand, but we chase them wholeheartedly anyway, while supporting each other along the way. 

We have been living our lives together since June 2010, but we have known eachother since we were in our teens. We were never close though, he was always more in the background of my life, being that he is my best friend's brother.  I am not quite sure how it happened, but I am thankful that our paths somehow aligned over time, finally bringing us together. 

We live in Church Hill – Richmond, VA., with our 6 adopted cats, in our home sweet home known to us as: Castle Wellbuilt. 

Welcome! We are happy you are here, we hope you stay a while, and maybe even send us a message sharing a little about yourself and your wander life. 

All the best! 

Vic & Brad


We are on a mission to wander as far as we can, whenever we can, with as little as possible. 

To live our passions and chase our dreams.

To salvage as many found items as we can find, giving them new life along the way. Each item with the purpose of representing the moments of days, the telling of tales, and the passing of time.

To shop primarily secondhand + handmade + small, while supporting and advocating for small, local, & ethical businesses.

Most importantly, to live our own idea of our best life, while encouraging others to do the same. 


It's simple, we live our life with a feeling and an understanding that everything has a meaning, a deeper purpose, or connection, at least it should. The places we go, the people we meet, even the things we own, are all a part of a bigger story. If we aren't intentionally connecting with the world around us, the items we own – whether to the past, present, or future, to the people who owned them long before or the people who will own them once we are gone, down to the people who poured their heart and soul into creating them –– what's the point?

The things we surround ourselves with should have meaning, tell a story, preserve a history, provide value to our lives, beyond creating an image we want to project, or fulfilling our desires for the latest trends being pushed upon us. There should be more substance than that, don't you think?

We truly believe when we can connect with our surroundings, our belongings, or help the people who worked tirelessly to gather them, craft them, or create them, live out their dreams and passions through our purchases – we have everything we need, and more than we ever could have wanted. We are fulfilled. We are rich. Living this way has truly become more, and our lives have become a living breathing scrapbook, filled with tokens, memories, hopes, dreams, & better quality, more meaningful goods.




 I have always loved photography, always had a camera in my hand from child to teen.

My grandfather, his brother, and now my sister – all professional photographers. I never really looked at photography as something I could one day do or be, but as something that was always a part of me. Once I entered my junior year in high school, I was even registered to take my first legitimate photography course, I was looking so forward to it, but a long and a personal story short, it wasn't meant to be. Ultimately, I am happy it turned out this way. 

Our Wander Life began as personal journey through and with photography:

Our Wander Life was born in the fall of 2013, Brad had just gifted me my first entry level Nikon, and I found myself alone one afternoon wandering my favorite local park, one my grandfather used to take me and my sisters to as children: Tree Tops Park. On this day particularly, walking around with my new camera, I wanted to feel close to my photographer grandfather and with nature. Being raised Christian, nature has always been my thinking place, my praying space.

As I walked around that afternoon I talked to the earth and heavens above, hoping for a sign, or some type of new direction – for I was a wanderer craving change, craving adventure. I didn't really know where I would end up, since a child I always hoped Virginia, but no matter where I was going, I was ready to go and ready for God to lead the way. 

After that walk, I immediately went home and began a Facebook page, and purchased a domain name. I had no idea what I was creating or doing thus for, or what I was working on achieving, aside from possibly having a space to share my journey with photography. Nevertheless, I was secretly anticipating a coming adventure. And shortly, soon enough, which is a story I will leave for another day: Brad & I set out on a new adventure, leaving our home in South Florida, & making our way for Richmond, Virginia. 

I chose the name Our Wander Life for 3 reasons, reasons I never talk about, mostly because when I speak of God I am not always understood or inline with most typical Christians. My relationship is one I have liked keeping to myself, unless I feel it really needs sharing. Maybe now it really needs sharing? : 

1. To represent my life with God – wandering with me always. When I wandered near, and even when I wandered afar. 

2. To represent my life with Brad – wandering with me always, and always together. 

3. To represent my relationship with other kindred-spirits – wandering life just as I was, chasing their dreams, and attempting to live their idea of what life was and should be. 

This may or may not make complete sense to you, and I may elaborate more in the future or you can contact me with questions. But ultimately, these are my reasons behind the name: Our Wander Life, and what they represent & mean to me. 

What began as my journey to learn and grow, with and through photography, has ultimately grown into a larger extension of myself, and the world around me. 

Documenting, representing, as well as connecting me deeply, to 3 of my most valued & treasured relationships in life. 

Thank you to all who have been wandering along with me from the begining, and those who have just decided to join.

I wish you all the best!

I wish you a beautiful life full of love, fulfillment, and adventure. 


The Wanderess,



Our Wander Life Together | A few images taken from 2014-current