Our Wander Life
Our Wander Life
Lifestyle for the Wandering Soul





Victoria Mcgovern

Wanderer | Night & Day Dreamer | Photographer | Secondhand Queen | Sentimentalist | Mindful Consumerist | Small Business Advocate | Social Media Maven | Purveyor of Discarded Goods | Memory Keeper | Curiosities & Cat Collector | A Freethinking Science Believer with Childlike Faith 

Ultimately: A tumbleweed soul with the heart of an oak, growing roots in Richmond, VA.



Our Wander Life

Lifestyle for the wandering soul: with a focus on intentionally living.


Our Mission:

We are on a mission to wander as far as we can, whenever we can, with as little as possible. 

To live our passions and chase our dreams.

To salvage as many found items as we can find, giving them new life along the way. Each item with the purpose of representing the moments of days, the telling of tales, and the passing of time.

To shop primarily secondhand + handmade, while supporting and advocating for small, local, & ethical businesses.

Most importantly, to live our own idea of our best life, while encouraging others to do the same. 


Our Services:

Through offering our creative services, we are passionate about partnering with: local gems, small & ethical businesses, in a way that helps them tell their stories and reach their goals. 

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Our philosophy:

It's simple, we live our life with a feeling and an understanding that everything has a meaning, a deeper purpose, or connection, at least it should. The places we go, the people we meet, even the things we own, are all a part of a bigger story. If we aren't intentionally connecting with the world around us, the items we own – whether to the past, present, or future, to the people who owned them long before or the people who will own them once we are gone, down to the people who poured their heart and soul into creating them –– what's the point?

The things we surround ourselves with should have meaning, tell a story, preserve a history, provide value to our lives, beyond creating an image we want to project, or fulfilling our desires for the latest trends being pushed upon us. There should be more substance than that, don't you think?

We truly believe when we can connect with our surroundings, our belongings, or help the people who worked tirelessly to gather them and/or craft them, live out their dreams and passions through our purchases – we have everything we need, and more than we ever could have wanted. We are fulfilled. We are rich. Living this way has truly become more, and our lives have become a living breathing scrapbook, filled with tokens, memories, hopes, dreams, & better quality, more meaningful goods.

Want to know more about us or have any questions? 

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Bijou Hill

A Secondhand + Vintage Shop:

We offer rescued discarded jewels longing for new life, to help you live more mindfully through your fashion & decor choices. 

Each of our pieces tells a story, connecting us to those who came before, hoping you'll hear it & make it a part of your own. 

As well as offering creative styling services + product rentals, with a focus on: wardrobe & interior.

Read more about Bijou Hill here & visit our contact page to inquire about our services. 






Church Hill, Richmond, VA. & Beyond