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Bijou Hill

A secondhand + vintage boutique – run out of a quaint home, affectionately called Castle Wellbuilt. Located in Richmond, Virginia’s historic neighborhood of Church Hill.

We are passionate about helping you live more intentionally through your fashion & decor choices. As well as crafting a unique experience built on fondness, connection, hospitality, all reminiscent to long ago, forgotten days, gone by. 

With the strong belief that there is more to life than shopping & there should be meaning in the things we own. 


Are you in search of a personal shopper for yourself or vintage/secondhand retail store?

Are you interested in carrying one of our vintage collections in your shop, specifically designed for your aesthetic?

Would you like a private tour of Richmond's best thrift stores, with tips on how to shop and style your life more economically and ethically?

Would you like to work with us in another creative way, or just say hi?

Please visit our contact page to get in touch.

Aside from the services we offer, we offer product rentals as well, and are always looking to collaborate with like-minded folks. 


Shop exclusively online anytime.

Are you local? Are we neighbors?! 

If you would like a private shopping experience, "tour" of Castle Wellbuilt, along with refreshments over good conversation, we would love to have you as our guest! 

• Offering local pickup + drop off

• Local Consignment at various RVA shops

• Collaborations welcomed! 

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What's in a name?




1. (especially of a residence or business establishment) small and elegant.

noun archaic

 1. a jewel 

My home is my bijou. As I believe the neighborhood of Church Hill, is Richmond's. 

I find names to be a fascinating part of the human experience, and who we are has a way of shinning through to allow our names to really become us. I couldn't imagine myself as anything other than a Victoria, nor would I want to.

Similar to the items we rescue and offer, my home, my neighborhood, and my city, were all once discarded/forgotten about jewels. Jewels that have stolen my heart before they were polished up, and have come to mean more to me than just a place where I reside. They have become a part of me, and are shaping and molding me everyday into who I am to become. No matter where I go in life, or where I will end up, they will always be treasured jewels that remain close to my heart.

Bijou Hill means more than just a name of a shop – it is a piece of me and my story. It means being able to find the beauty in the discard, while connecting with others whether past or present. It means adding value to your life, home, & closet, with pieces that make your heart go pitter-patter, rather than just filling your life with low quality yet overpriced, will not stand the test of time, unethical, trendy products.

Everything we offer tells a tale of those who have come before, and my hope is that you'll hear it and feel it enough, to want to make it a part of your own. Wherever your life leads, may your uniqueness shine boldly and brilliantly, like a bijou – a rare, one-of-a-kind jewel.


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