Richmond, Virginia: Jefferson Park After Dark

Jefferson Park

N 21st St & Marshall St Richmond, VA 23223

View of the skyline from Jefferson Park
View of the skyline from Jefferson Park

I wandered over to Jefferson Park this past evening, which is located in the Union Hill Neighborhood of Richmond, also my go to spot after dark. This particular view of downtown Richmond is spectacular, and there is always this certain sense of calm that fills the air, which I have not quite felt anywhere else.

I sat at the edge of the park, as I often do, and I gazed out at the city lights -- I watched as the couples walked by holding hands, snuggling and giggling on benches, all while the leaves of the trees were dancing in the wind.  These moments lead up to one single thought that is not ever far from my mind --  "I cannot believe I live here!" 

Over the past few months Richmond, Virginia, has truly become my home, and this city has the ability to make anyone feel at home – even if it is only for a brief visit.  To spend my time overlooking this gorgeous view from Jefferson Park, is never a waisted moment.  There is no other place in the world I would rather be, then right here in RVA, sitting at my neighborhood park, after dark.

I would like to leave you with one piece of advice today -- If you are in a place in your life that does not make you feel this way, I encourage you to make a move.  Just  pack  up  your things and  don't  look  back!You have the ability to imagine your own life and create it.  You have the power to live your dreams!  It only takes one small step of faith.  Just walk out onto your ledge of fear and step off!  I assure you that once you do, it will seem as though everything in your life came together for this one moment -- just to catch you right before the fall.

It might be easy for you to do, or it might be the hardest thing you have ever done, either way, you will never know unless you try.  If you are ever unsure of where exactly you would like to be, you are always welcomed here in Richmond, Virginia.  I will save a spot for you on the ledge of Jefferson Park, after dark.