POE Not Pho Sho


Today our wander was inspired by our favorite local cartoonist RVA Coffee Stain.  He is always cracking us up with his awesome sketches, which are based on living in RVA.  One of our favorite cartoons, which leaves us giddy every time we see it is– Edgar Allan Eating Pho

We live very close to the Edgar Allan POE Museum, and I have wanted to visit ever since we moved to Richmond.  Today we set out to do just that, and thought it would be fun to enjoy a bowl of Pho afterwards.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, we discovered the museum is closed on Monday's. If you are wanting to make a trip in the future, please make sure it is not a Monday, and if it happens to be a Monday, you can just do what we ended up doing... We stood outside like tourists, snapped a bunch of photos, and had a really great time!

Afterwards, in true wanderer fashion, we headed over to a restaurant down the street from the Poe Museum, which we originally thought was a Pho establishment.  Once we arrived, we were surprised to be standing in front of the lovely Raman Noodle Shop–Grace Noodle.  We laughed at the luck we were having with trying to have a somewhat planed out day, and quickly hurried inside. (I grew up eating Maruchan Ramen Noodle soup, which in my house was a treat.  My sisters and I used to run around the house screaming: "LONG NOODLE SOUP!! LONG NOODLE SOUP!"   I am sure we drove our mother insane, but it was always fun and is still a very fond memory.  Come to think of it, I don't even think I knew the soup was called Ramen, until I was old enough to read the package myself.) And even though today we weren't able to eat Pho after visiting POE, I was really excited to try authentic Ramen for the very first time.

Once inside Grace Noodle, we were greeted by two lovely women.  The atmosphere was very pleasant and clean, and I enjoyed their choice of calming music.  Both Brad, and I, enjoyed the Wanton Ramen Noodle Soup with Roast Pork.  Our soup came out quick, and it was hot and delicious. I could definitely taste the freshness and love put into making this meal.  We both found the food, service, and atmosphere to be excellent.  I can already tell that on cold winter days we are going to be regulars, and I will without a doubt, visit whenever I am feeling a bit homesick.  It is hard to put into words how comforting the food really was for me, and how meaningful this wander ended up becoming.  What started out looking like a bust, turned out to be one of my most favorite wander life adventures, yet.

All the best!

Vic & Brad