Sunsets Make Me Feel

There was a time in my life when I took the world around me for granted–even myself.  I never stopped to take pleasure in alone time, or in the way the sun sets differently from day-to-day. It was just something that happened, whether I cared to take notice or not.  Whenever someone would ask me to take a seat and watch the sunset, it would immediately give me the feeling comparable to eating a bowl of peas, when I would rather be chowing down on a pizza. I thought I had far better things to do then stop and watch the sun go down, and I figured I had plenty of time to eventually get around to it.

Within the last few months of developing a hobby for photography, It is amazing the passion I now feel for everyday life, especially while looking at it through a lens.  Everything is all of a sudden magnificent–more artistic–more beautiful.  Life is precious, and I hope you all find something that makes you feel the way sunsets now make me feel–alive!