Things To Do in Harrisonburg Virginia: Fulfilling Childhood Dreams in Harrisonburg, Virginia

As we do for almost every adventure, we picked a city we had never been and headed to explore.

Onward towards Harrisonburg, Virginia!

Escaping traffic, billboards, and overstimulation, with a scenic drive offering a view of the mountainside.


Once we arrived we found our way to a Lavender Farm and I was finally able to fulfill one of my childhood dreams!  I walked through the blooming lavender fields, picking fragrant bundles all my own at White Oak Lavender Farm.

Just so you understand how much this really means to me — I have a serious free spirit and if it had a scent, it would most likely be lavender. Lavender like the violin, inspires and awakens my soul.

As I walked the farm I smelled each strand, picked each one purposely by hand, and enjoyed watching the pollinators dance from stem to stem.  Although, I had to wait for what felt like forever and a day to finally experience fields of lavender, I am pleased it was together with the one I love, and in the place we love so dearly, our current home, Virginia.

On a side note — Harrisonburg, VA. is absolutely beautiful. We didn't know what to expect, but it truly exceeded our expectations. Mountainside views, agritourism, farmlands, history, charming architecture, friendly people, and a Mennonite community that left me feeling like I should be doing so much more with my life.  All in all, this was a wonderful adventure, and these are a few of the moments we shared together.

Lovely Victorian architecture of Harrisonburg, VA. We noticed homes were adorned with charming labels such as
Lovely Victorian architecture of Harrisonburg, VA. We noticed homes were adorned with charming labels such as

Glorious open roads and lush fields and hillsides for days

As we were passing this road I said to myself:
As we were passing this road I said to myself:

Three Notch'd Brewing Company 

During every adventure we like to enjoy a pint or flight at one the of the local breweries.

Our favorite of the 6 — though all were fantastic, was the Java Jack, brewed with local espresso made specifically for this brew.


Our adventure ended at

Reddish Knob, in George Washington National Park

, where we set out just to watch the sunset  .This is one of the highest points in Virginia, rising 4,397 feet, and is one of the most phenomenal views we have ever experienced together.  Quite romantic as well!

I literally felt transported to a realm of fantasy and found it hard to leave.  But I guess the good thing is we never really have to leave a place do we?  If we can find a way to keep the memory of it alive, we can revisit it anytime we choose.

This may be why I live for photographing life around me as I see and feel it.


We pulled over to admire the fireflies because we weren't ready for the adventure to end.

I giggled and spun around the neon lights.

He smiled and called me cute.

Then we headed home dreaming up our next adventure.


Thanks for wandering along with us!

–Vic & Brad

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