Found Words of Jeff

     I have many interests that go beyond photography.  I enjoy writing & I'm a collector of many things, but most dear to my heart are the personal belongings of others that have a way of finding me.  The type of belongings that have the ability to tell a story about the person they once belonged to.  My hope has always been to learn more about the people behind the photographs, journals, letters & bibles, so that I may tell their unheard stories.

Below is a find very close to my heart.

     Brad and I visited at an estate sale in Richmond about a year ago, where I found this gentleman's bible. Inside was filled with anecdotes, quotes, lyrics, and personal thoughts, all jotted down on note cards marking the pages as bookmarks.  I was sad to see these treasures for sale and knew I couldn't leave them there to possibly end up in the trash.  So I took them home where I have held them for safekeeping.

     As we were leaving the sale people assumed we knew the family, since I was purchasing the bible.  I listened as they told me very nice things about the married couple you see in the photo. Sadly, they both have passed away, but I like to imagine they are together again.

     I can't put into words why I treasure these things. Or why I like to have a glimpse into the personal lives of others, but I do feel fortunate that this is something that moves me to great lengths.  When reading someone's very personal thoughts it feels like standing in the center of an orchestra, eyes closed, heart pounding, tears streaming down my face, as I feel the music.  It moves my spirit in a very profound way that has the ability of showing me what's really valuable in life.  I have somehow found a very unique human connection here, that I hope to always cherish.

What in life makes you feel this way?