All You Have is Now


When I've reflected on the past, eagerly awaited the future, while in the process neglected the present for far too long, certain things like this shawl will begin to remind me of my mother.

I will hear her saying things like:

"All you have is now.  Live for now.  Be happy with now.  Focus on now."

And as she once said in a recurring dream while I was 19:

"No matter what life brings, fear not, for I am always with you."

All these thoughts and ideas whirling around my mind and I suddenly remember something my father once told me when I was around 9, most likely on our way to church and met with rolling eyes:

"God speaks in a voice you will understand and one you are willing to listen to."

Whether it's my mother, or actually God, or simply just my conscience speaking—I am grateful for the reminder, that all the time I'll ever have and need is now.

I must live for now.

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