The Beginning of Old Soul's Anthology

 Our Philosophy: 

Life is a nonlinear journey, it is full of ups and downs and in-betweens, steps forward and backward and back some more. Some people have been blessed with the ability to meticulously plan out every minor detail through their paths of life, but like most of us, no matter how hard we try, one plan actually manifesting correctly, is a huge victory worth celebrating. 

Life, it’s a beautiful thing and meant to be lived differently. Whether you have the ability to plan each detail meticulously, or stumble and tumble through life gracefully, or in my case, not so gracefully, your life is full of immense beauty and worthy of celebration. 

Though, I feel this isn’t the message the world is sending out so freely. Often we are being bombarded with things that really do not matter: image, status, fortune, fame, the haves and the have nots, solely praising and celebrating professional accomplishments vs real life accomplishments. Such as defeating struggle and rising above, carving your own way out of the rubble of defeat, just to keep trying again until you succeed. These to me are the true successes of life. The successes I most value and praise. 

In a society where we are all so connected, I believe we are just as equally disconnected. Disconnected from our true selves and others,  disconnected from what matters, disconnected from genuinely connecting with people as we focus completely on ourselves, attempting to create and project this image of the faux perfect life, while we sit in the shadows alone comparing our very real and beautiful lives, to someone else's faux perfect life. 

They say to be the change you want to see in the world. I want to see many changes of course, but concerning this project: I want to see a more inclusive society. One that celebrates and fosters uniqueness and diversity. One that builds each other up, no matter how different we are or choose to be. This passion project is a love song to those that dare to be different, true to themselves and who they ultimately want to be. 

In a world where people are dimming their light to blend in, we want to encourage you to shine brightly from within. Don’t dull the most beautiful pieces of yourself, for the sake of fitting in. 


How the Old Soul's Anthology came to be: 

I truly have a multifaceted old soul, and I have recently noticed through the years, how I have unintentionally allowed life to dull the sensitivity and depth of my soul. I have learned throughout my life, that our society doesn’t often appreciate sensitivity, or view it is a strength, but through the eyes and wisdom of my old soul, I see things, and grasp things, many often do not. To me it truly has been a gift and something I love about myself and my life. Which leaves me questioning: how and why, this of all things, is this an attribute of myself I have been able to neglect sharing and let dwindle within? Just because my views aren’t the most popular, should that mean I should stop being myself? Heck no! Especially when many people are pretending to be something they are not. This above all things, is something I should be fighting for and proud to be: completely myself. And so should you be. 


What is the Old Soul's Anthology? 

I believe we are a world truly staved for connection and validation. We all need to feel valued, worthy, loved, and supported in our own way. Yet, somehow, we are silently struggling just to be. I believe through our fully connected lives of comparison, our need for genuineness, and true meaningful connection with each other, is only going to grow even stronger. I understand this from the perspective in which I live: I live from the soul, everything I do flows free from within, connecting the dots of life to everyone and everything, even within my material belongings.  If I am unable to connect, I see no reason for it to be within my life. I am continually looking for meaning and connection in it all. It is only when I place myself within society for far too long, I recognize how truly starved we can come to be. 

Although I am an old soul, those of the Old Soul's Anthology don't necessarily need to be one as well. I believe truly doing and living from the soul is key, not just chasing money. It's also something I feel may be somewhat old fashioned or going out of style, not always encouraged, or the most "popular" or practical way to be. I want to celebrate those living life from the soul in their own unique way, even if they haven't yet reached or achieved all of their dreams. I want to focus on the hows and the whys of their passions, whether professional, creativily, or recreationally. I want to help send a new message to the world: that living life in your own unique way, taking your time to enjoy the journey and to just be, is the most beautiful and fulfilling life to lead.  

The journeys of our life's stories are the most beautiful, powerful, and purposeful, yet often, the most overlooked, hurried and dreaded part of our lives. They truly are meant to be enjoyed and savored. In the words of my sister Emilee, wisdom once gifted to me: "Don't rush your happy ending."

Things you can expect from the Old Soul's Anthology: 

Genuineness, honesty, and true connection with life and humanity. From human beings living life, just like you and me. Whether that be through our own personal stories, highlighting places we go or people we meet, or through stories of others, keeping old soul alive, or simply living through the soul. We hope to send the message that: Life is a beautiful journey worth celebrating, right now, wherever we are, not just once we make it to the finish line, or reach our monetary successes.

How do you define success?

The definition of success, is truly in the eye of the beholder. How you define your own success is what matters.

If you would like to request to be interviewed for the Old Soul's Anthology, please submit your answers to the question below. We can't wait to connect with you and help share your story! 

In what ways are you (and/or your business) preserving old soul, living as an old soul, or living out the ways of the old soul? Meaning, living in such a way that allows your passions guide the way to your purpose. 

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