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A monthly maker series of creative workshop events, featuring: Richmond, local creatives.  

They did it again y'all! This was one amazing event.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend following along with YELP RVA on Instagram, so you can RSVP to the next MADE event. This is a FREE event series, full of food, fun, creativity, and best of all: local.  

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Welcome to the second event of the monthly YELP RVA MADE series!

Featuring: MAVEN MADE

I had so much fun at this event!  Blue Bee Cider seriously has one the most beautiful event spaces around. Upon walking into the event I was greeted with a pleasant and relaxing aroma, as a diffuser of light essential oils filled the air, as well as a warm welcome from Bethany of Maven Made + Alex, & Laurie of YELP RVA. I loved the table setup of the room as well, which made it easy to find a seat and make some new friends.

Mezeh Mediterranean Grill  offered a beautiful and delicious spread. This was my first time having their food, and I thought it was really delicious. I am a HUGE fan of Mediterranean cuisine, so I really enjoyed my meal, and regretted not going up for seconds. I love chips and dip and their chips were impressive, definitely looking forward to dine-in, in the near future. 

Blue Bee Cider was set up serving their delicious ciders (I recommend the Charred Ordinary), I even ran into a friend who found out about the event from my last post. We had a really great time!  

It was so great to meet Bethany Frazier in person, after following along with her on Instagram (We met a couple of years ago at a Farmers Market, (although I didn't realize it until I saw her blue bottles), when my 80 year old Nanny tested her Anti-Agining Facial Serum, loved it, and requested my uncle (who adores her) to buy her a bottle. He sat her down with an ice cream, and joked with Bethany: "Anti-aging serum?!?! Don't you think she is beyond help at this point?" Nevertheless, he bought it for her, she loved it, and I am sure it has helped protect her sensitive Irish skin during harsh New York winters.) 


Bethany offered a very informative, entertaining, and engaging workshop. She is so passionate and knowledgeable, funny too! She has had experience with acne prone skin, and the harsh chemicals and medications usually used and recommended by professionals to treat acne – all which lead to her journey into creating her own natural product line. And if you look at her gorgeous glowing skin, you will see her products speak for themselves. 

She offered so much knowledge and her passion carried over into reafriming my own interest in natural care. I took so many notes, and felt I could sit and talk with her all day to learn more about what she knows, and she seems like the type of person who wouldn't mind, just a friendly down to earth soul. 

The main highlight out of many, was getting to make our own facial serum, which smells and feels amazing on my skin. Just an all around great event. 

The RVA Yelp community is the best. They do such an amazing job highlighting/supporting the great food, atmospheres, and makers of RVA, all while creating a community of friends to share it with. 

A huge thank you to Bethany for sharing her passion. I am looking forward to using my serum and going over my notes, so I may continue to learn new ways of taking better care of my body. 

Great event! I can't wait to RSVP to the next one. 

Thanks Laurie & Alex for having me and for all you do to make RVA the best place to be.

Where you at the event? What did you think? 

Are you planning on attending the next one? Let me know so we can meet up! 


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