Things I Love About Richmond, VA. 

Jackson Ward RVA

Took a walk around Jackson Ward before work this morning, arrived 20 min early just to walk for a morning cup of coffee at Saadia's Juice Box. I always recommend walking whenever you can, you experience so much more. I strolled through the cool air admiring the dancing shadows, capturing images wherever I could. 

Then at the sight of this Beauty Lounge, I stopped, peered though the windows, snapped a dozen photos and waived at the woman looking back at me preparing to start her day.

She didn't waive back, instead she walked to the door, greeted me, and kindly asked: "May I ask why you were taking photos of my building?" I said: Absolutely! I'm a photographer and I was admiring its beauty. The shadows, the decor, the painted logo, it's all so beautiful. Let me show you! I showed her the images I took and how the shadows looked. She said you are right. It is! We both stood for a while admiring and chatting, until her first guests arrived. 

It was a great way to start the day. An even greater reminder, that these are the things I love about Richmond, these are the things that matter. 

On any other day, I may have kept this experience locked away for myself, but reading Rebecca Thomas' (@thepoetryofthings on Instagram) writings yesterday, her sentiments fresh in my mind and close to my heart, inspired me to share. Rebecca writes a newsletter y'all should signup for. The one I am referring to specifically is called: "My 'Hood a Visual Tour". Beautiful images, beautiful words. 

What is something that inspires you?

Who is someone that inspires you?


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