The Soul of the Castle: A Journal Entry

Dried flowers vintage curiosities journal

Maybe it's the feeling of fall in the air, maybe it's because I am a sentimentalist, maybe it's for no reason at all, I just can't seem to shake our home from my mind – morning, noon, and night, it's at the center of it all. It is the first thought when I wake and the final thought as I drift off. 

Sometimes I feel connected to what I call the Soul of the Castle, sometimes I feel we belong to one another, and sometimes I am just fine with losing everything, because ultimately, I understand how fleeting it all is. Just call me a serious rationalist with a spirit of childlike faith. Life can only be understood lived through time, and I am in no rush to know everything about mine. I am taking it one second at a time, breathing deep, and trying to focus on living and appreciating everything my journey has to offer. Comparing my journey to someone else's, is just a trip in my step towards the future. 

Since I was a child I knew the only thing I wanted out of life was the journey, the story. Money was always the farthest from my mind. Like a child dreaming of her wedding day and wedding dress, and one day becoming a princess, I never thought about those things, only about the person I would one day enjoy life with. Everything I have, and everything I have done, comes wrapped in a story, and my life has never traveled the course of the typical, so I have to remember not to focus on the typical, it's not ever what I wanted anyway.

This is a personal journal entry, so there is a chance absolutely none of this makes sense, but one day it might, and one day it might not, that's the beauty of the journey through life. Either way, I keep my plans tentative, hoping for the best, believeing in the best, while relying on faith to lead the way. 

My wish is that you long to do the same. 

I'll never know how many lives have graced Castle Wellbuilt, but I am thankful mine has been one of them. Just like these items I hold dear – my life is fleeting, my time here is limited, but nonetheless, I am rich, I am blessed. 

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