Richmond VA Photographer: Lara of the Wild A Spring Session

Richmond VA Photography Session in Church Hill 

My style of photography shooting is documentary. I see with a candid eye, therefore I shoot with a candid eye. Occasionally some direction will be given and we will do a few poses in-between for aesthetics, but I feel most people are most comfortable being photographed naturally, without the far of stiff awkward posing. 

These images of Lara were taken while she wondered around the flowers. Not much direction was given if at all, and you will find her natural movements in the images make them quite graceful and beautiful. No awkward stiffness here.  

I am a Richmond VA Photographer, traveling beyond, if you would like to book your own session, please contact us and we will get started right away. 

Richmond, VA Photographer Victoria McGovern is a documentary lifestyle, family, small business photographer. Offering heirloom photography services in Richmond Virginia, Petersburg & Beyond.