Don't Be Afraid To Start A New Chapter

don't be afraid to start a new chapter

You have your own voice meant to fulfill your own purpose. Your own gifts and talents waiting to be released. People will do and say things similar to you. They will think similarly. They will even do things better. But no one will do it quite like you. 

You are meant to connect with people and reach people others have tried, but have failed because they were never meant to. We all interpret very differently. What I say may not ever phase you, but that just means it wasn’t meant for you. Doesn’t mean I should stop what I am doing and not continue to reach those waiting to be reached.

I always like to think in terms of science when I feel doubt about starting new chapters, because someone else out there already had similar ideas or was working on similar projects I had passion for. I couldn’t imagine living in a world where brilliant minds didn’t enter the world of physics to make discoveries and complete unfinished works of other’s because they felt it had already been done before or was already being done by someone else. What an even sadder and slower progressing world we would be living in. 

It’s okay to have doubts, we all do, but try your best to come to terms with them. I assure you, that nudge you feel calling to start something new won’t ever go away, it’s your soul inviting you to live a life of passion and purpose. In your own time I know you will answer, and when you do, be ready for a lifetime of exhilarating adventure. Not a life turbulent free, but a life completely free. 

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Richmond, VA Photographer Victoria McGovern is a documentary lifestyle, family, small business photographer. Offering heirloom photography services in Richmond Virginia, Petersburg & Beyond. 

She's a woman with a voice and mind of her own.