Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg: The Children Leading Change & Kickass Female Empowerment Photojournalist Emilee McGovern

Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Every one of These children, as well as these images, are inspiring a nation. They have been shared thousands of times, inspiring me and even art, every step of the way. 

The first time I met Emma Gonzalez was through the lens of Photojournalist Emilee McGovern, the image of Emma was so powerful, yet I could clearly see a child in front of me. Through her eyes I could feel her pain, but her spirit was blaring loud and clear: Change is here. 

Emilee: Ft. Lauderdale born and raised, a self-funded Photojournalist, powerhouse, doesn't stop, doesn't sleep, has been out in the field documenting these warriors from the beginning. Driving back and forth from Parkland Florida to Tallahassee, to capture the images of heroes and history.  

Her images have been floating around and not linking back to her site. News organizations have even used them without permission. I have told her to take the time to get them up on her site, but she is out in the community documenting and says she doesn't have time. For her, it is about telling the victims story. That is where her heart and priorities lie. I want to take the time to introduce her to the world and link back to her site, hopefully when things settle down, she will give me an interview as well. It is the least I could do for all she does. 

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I want to thank these children for being the leaders we have been praying for. 

I want to thank Emilee McGovern for her passion and dedication to keeping the movement moving forward. These particular images have really spoken to me, broken me, and empowered me. 

To Emilee, Photojournalists everywhere, The Children of the Movement: Thank you for doing the work on the frontlines, all through blood sweat and tears, while I sit home comfortably. Thank you for being the voice for those who can no longer speak, for inspiring, and awakening our nation. 

These are the images we will see in our history books. 

These are the faces and voices of change. 

Never again. 

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Richmond, VA Photographer Victoria McGovern is a documentary lifestyle, family, small business photographer. Offering heirloom photography services in Richmond Virginia, Petersburg & Beyond. 

She's a woman with a voice and mind of her own.