Our Wander Life
Our Wander Life
Lifestyle for the Wandering Soul

Little Pieces That Make Us 


Castle Wellbuilt

Our home in Church Hill, Richmond, VA.

My roots grow deep here, long before I even knew it would be home, I dreamt it up.  A connection even I can't fully understand. 

Lots of great memories are made here, and I am forever thankful for the time I get to call this place home. 


Our Wander Wagon

Wander Far: Our beloved little white 1984 Toyota Van.

My parents had one when I was a child, and when we drove in it, I felt so wealthy (I had my own A.C. control panel!). Now we have one of our own, that we are slowly restoring into our home, away from home. 



We have 6 Cats! (no kids) Haha!!

Picrad & Locutus: littermates.

Halloween the Queen AKA Bitchy Bean

Benjamin "Tyler" Button, Marfa, & Pearl: rescue kitties from the backyard.


Bijou Hill

Our shop of discarded jewels