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Pieces of Us

Our Wander Life: Lifestyle • Travel • Photography for the Wandering Soul

Victoria McGovern: a photographer, stylist, creative consultant, based in Richmond, Virginia. Working with small businesses, creatives & kindred spirits: helping them tell their stories and reach their goals. 


Little Pieces That Make Us 


— Castle Wellbuilt — 

Our home in Church Hill, Richmond, VA.

My roots grow deep here, long before I even knew it would be home, I dreamt it up.  A connection even I can't fully understand. 

Lots of great memories are made here, and I am forever thankful for the time I get to call this place home. 


— Our Wander Wagon — 

Wander Far: Our beloved little white 1984 Toyota Van.

My parents had one when I was a child, and when we drove in it, I felt so wealthy (I had my own A.C. control panel!). Now we have one of our own, that we are slowly restoring into our home, away from home. 


— MEOW — 

We have 6 Cats (no kids) Haha!!

Picrad & Locutus: littermates | Halloween the Queen AKA Bitchy Bean | Benjamin "Tyler" Button, Marfa, & Pearl: rescue kitties from the backyard.