Our Wander Life

We are a brand with soul.

Dedicated to moments & memories, spirit for living, & helping you grow. We believe the stories of our lives are our most valuable possessions. 

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The Stories of Our Wander Life

Storytelling with the past, present, & future in mind. 

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An Old Soul's Atelier 

We offer nostalgic photography, devoted to capturing your moments & telling your stories timelessly. In between the pages of our lives, lies our most valuable possessions. Let us help you capture the images of your life’s stories, to be printed, cherished, and passed on through the ages. 

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An Old Soul's Shoppe

We believe the things we own should have meaning, by connecting us to the past, the present, the future, and to each other.

Visit our shoppe of found & made by hand jewels & gems

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An Old Soul's Community

We are building a community of soul. No small talk or networking required, just bring yourself & be yourself. We want to know who you are, because we believe: what you do, is not what defines you.

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An Old Soul's Anthology 

Encouragement & connection, through the chapter’s of life: Sharing stories from the books of lives written with soul. No matter what chapter you are on, they are all an important part of the process. 

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An Old Soul's Guide

 Wander Richmond with our curated guide. For the wandering souls desiring a little old soul charm & magic. 

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An Old Soul's Wanderings

New to Richmond or soon visiting?  Let us take you on an adventure!

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