Richmond VA Photographer Like Water  (1 of 1).jpg

She's an old soul, the queen of her own castle, dreamer & creator of her own reality. Flowing through and against the confines of life– like water.

  Who I Am Personally:

  • A wanderer

  • Night & day dreamer

  • Extroverted Introvert 

  • Photographer

  • Secondhand Queen

  • Sentimentalist

  • Mindful consumerist

  • Advocate

  • Purveyor of discarded goods

  • Memory keeper

  • Curiosities & cat collector

  • Uniqueness embracer 

  • Freethinking science believer with childlike faith 

  • A Woman with a voice and mind of her own 

A tumbleweed soul with the heart of an oak, growing roots in Richmond, VA.

It's the little things that matter most...